A family-owned business is our way to spend time together as a family. we work in the places we love, such as Knoxville, with the people we love. It doesn’t get any better.

The Crisp Family

This is us…

DJ Crisp – Husband, Dad & Carpet Cleaning Guru! There isn’t a job i’m not willing to tackle.

Cassandra Crisp – Wife, Mom and Multi-tasking Guru. After mastering mom-life, there’s nothing I can’t tackle.

Our Values

The Values we believe in

  • Faith – We put God first.
  • Family – We value family.
  • Future – We work for our children and their future by establishing businesses and values we can pass on.
  • Quality – We deliver what we promise and go the extra mile.
  • Service – We treat our customers as we would want to be treated by giving it 100%.
  • Excellence – We deliver what we promise on and go the extra mile. Often, we demand more of ourselves than our clients do.

What We Believe

We made the decision to own a small business to keep family front and center. It’s no small task, but, our commitment to family and to our customers is why we do it.