Canyon & Ada Counties, ID Area Rug Cleaning

When you have a nice rug, your home feels complete. A good rug is like a work of art and can perfectly accent your interior. Whether you have a family heirloom or wish to start one, your rug in use is going to be collecting dirt, mud, and grime over time. But how do you clean it? You can’t just throw it in the washer. And there’s always the possibility that those retail or your own area rug cleaners will fade the colors or damage the rug or the floor beneath. An excess of water can cause damage to the rug and damage to the floor below. That’s why it’s your best bet to go with 1:16 Extreme Clean’s area rug experts. 1:16 Extreme Clean handles area rug cleaning for your convenience.

Rug collects contaminants over the years. Stains from mud or spills can cause you headaches (and heartaches!). Vacuuming can only do so much. Spot removers have the potential to damage or spot your rug even more if you’re not careful. Residues left over from harsh chemicals can collect even more dirt and grime over time. This is why you need a professional rug cleaning. Rugs need special care. You need expertise and professional tools and equipment to get the best clean and retain the rug’s original beauty. 1:16 Extreme Clean uses tried-and-true methods to take care of your rugs. We give them a gentle yet effective and thorough cleaning.

While cleaning is our priority, our experts also know rugs. They inspect and identify problem areas before they get worse. We don’t want to make a problem worse, so if our technician finds a problem, we’ll address it beforehand.

If you have stains, our experts will treat the spot with special care. While every rug is different and made from different materials, dyes, and fibers, our experts will figure out the best approach to achieving the best results.

We offer a free no-obligation in-home assessment to determine if we can complete the work or if there’s another route you can take. If we can do it, you’ll know you’re in good hands because of our years of experience and community trust.

Scheduling an appointment for a rug cleaning is easy! Our friendly customer service agents will be happy to help and get your rugs clean and protected. 1:16 Extreme Clean will take care of your rug like work of art it is.