Our Lovable English Bulldog

Our Pet Stain Removal

Pets. We love them. Cats, dogs. Their individual personalities and lovable faces. Unfortunately, what we don’t love is when accidents happen. That can be frustrating to deal with, especially if it’s more than once.

First, you have to deal with the mess and odor. Then, there’s the general feeling of unease and potential that your pet will continue to think it’s their own private bathroom. As an owner of an English Bulldog, we can understand the frustration.

1:16 Extreme Clean takes care of all your pet stains. We guarantee a complete clean with our Pet Stain Treatment.

Our Pet Stain Treatment solution penetrates deep into the fibers, breaking down the stain at the molecular level. This eliminates any odor and targets only the material’s fibers. Pair that with our high-heat, low-moisture technique, and your furniture or upholstery will be looking fresh and clean once again. You, your family, and your pets can once again enjoy your space!

Simple cleaning and other products simply mask the odor with another scent. They don’t take care of the problem. If a pet stain is left untreated, it can cause more issues and have you holding your nose whenever you walk into that area. Our product is designed to take care of all smells at their source.

How Our Pet Stain Treatment Works

First, we detect pet waste spots with UV light. This shows us exactly where the urine or pet accident spot is located. With this information, we can then target that specific spot.

Next, we clean the area. We use our high-heat, low-moisture carpet cleaning process to remove any odors or trace waste products. High-heat and low-moisture will allow the carpet to dry fast, so mold does not become a problem. More mold means more problems – bad for your indoor air quality, bad for your carpets.

Here’s the important part. We add our pet stain treatment solution. Our solution penetrates deep into the carpet fibers, carpet pad, and sub-floor, allowing a complete clean. Odor-causing elements are broken down over the course of the next day or two. When it dries, the odor will be gone!

1:16 Extreme Clean handles pet stains with ease and professionalism. We get your space clean so you (and your pet) to enjoy your space once again.