Residential or Commercial Cleaning Canyon & Ada Counties, ID

Your home, your business. They deserve the best. You want your home looking great for your guests, for your family. Just like you want your business looking its best for your customers, your staff. You want your customers walking into a space that not only looks clean but is clean. A stain, a smell, dirty surfaces can but a damper on your business’s atmosphere. Not only for your customers but for yourself.

1:16 Extreme Clean offers complete carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning for offices, retail, and commercial spaces.

Every business needs a regular deep cleaning. Whether you’re a small or large business, first impressions are everything. Standard janitorial work will only go so far. After years the dirt and grime can get settled in, causing unpleasant smells and looks. Difficult stains and spills can also be difficult to remove.

That’s where 1:16 Extreme Clean comes in. We take care of all workplaces with the same level of detailed clean.

1:16 Extreme Clean offers the same quality and professional clean that you receive for your home. We utilize high-temp water and low-moisture methods to extract dirt and grime from your carpets and upholstery. Our experts know how to best approach each situation and will listen to your concerns and needs. We also want to make sure your business can continue to operate and that you aren’t waiting around all day to get back to work. Our low-moisture process gets your carpets done quick. This means you, your employees, and your customers can get back to getting work done and enjoying the benefits of a 1:16 Extreme Clean commercial cleaning.

Another service to consider is adding ScotchGard protection to your carpeting, area rugs, and upholstery. This protects those fibers from future spills. It also allows you to go longer between cleanings. ScotchGard acts as a shield for your fibers, giving you adding protection, and allowing you a few seconds to soak up the spill with a napkin or towel before requiring stain removal. This prolongs the life of your investments.

Scheduling with us is easy! Book online now or give us a call to get something set up. We can do a one-time cleaning, but we recommend scheduling regular cleanings to keep your business clean, healthy, and safe. Give us a call today!